Sunday, April 13, 2014

Signs of Spring!

It was a beautiful Palm Sunday here in the Northeast - actually warm enough to have brunch on the porch! I gladly put away the boots and the heavy winter jackets but am keeping the turtlenecks and fleece jackets handy just in case! I also assembled Emma's Easter basket and tucked this card inside. That Watercolor Wonder paper is perfect for an Easter egg! I hope Emma likes these little bunnies from Ears to You better than that big bunny on the porch....she doesn't seem too sure about that guy!


  1. I, personally, can't imagine not liking the big bunny and one day Emma will love him! She'll love the bunnies on her Easter card though, they're so cute and Watercolor Wonder makes the perfect Easter egg!

  2. Love the little bunny card but I can see how Emma might interpret the one on the porch... hmmm?
    As for the jackets... just don't even know anymore. We had 71 one day and 21 the next! plus we had a wild Hail Storm on Saturday! Crazy! hugs.


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