Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fusion - Pink Phone

I am posting two views of this card today so you can get a better look at the silver embossing and the hint of pink in the balloons.  I loved both the sketch and the photo this week at Fusion and used the colors from the picture and the sketch.  Wish I had a stamped image of that phone!

I remember when a long distance phone call was a wonderful way to send smiles across the miles.  It was a very big deal to talk to our relatives in California.....always after 9 pm when the rates dropped. My dad would set the stove timer to keep the conversation short since every minute cost $$$!  And the first half of the conversation usually sounded like this - 

"Can you hear me?"  
"What time is it there" 
"What's the weather there?" 

And the calls usually ended with - 

"I'll tell you more about it when I write!"

Yes long discussions were saved for the letters.  My aunt in California and my dad (her brother) argued endlessly about politics - all in letters.  I wish I had saved them!

Hope you play along at Fusion!

My friend Roseanne drew up a great Tic Tac Toe Challenge this week!  I did

Stamp Set:  Lift Me Up
Paper:  Whisper White, Flirty Flamingo, Silver Striped Vellum
Ink:  Flirty Flamingo, Versmark


  1. What a sweet card! Love the pink and silver color scheme...and too funny about the arguments through letters to each other! :)

  2. I wish you'd saved those letters, too, Linda! I totally relate to those calls... I was such a tender-hearted little kid, I cried every time I spoke to those we loved so far away - often so hard that I lost my turn - those $$ you know!
    I love your balloons... another beautiful smile-filled card!
    btw how's the weather there today? xx

  3. LOVE this card, Linda! Your combination of pink and silver is brilliant, and these balloons are full of fun! I remember those phone calls where everyone was lined up to say "hi" and quickly hand the phone to the next person. <3

  4. Great card, Linda! I love the pink and silver, especially on the balloons! Calling after 9:00 and waitron the party line...those were the days! 😃

  5. I would LOVE to know what was in your dad and aunt's letters...I'll bet the politics of the day were not much different than now :)

    I really love this card, Linda! Your embossed balloons are so pretty and I love the touch of pink! I'm also swooning over your silver striped vellum...WOW! Great job combining challenges, too...Love this beautiful card!

  6. I just love your card - The balloons looks so cool in the sparkly embossing... the colors are very nice too
    .... and I love your story reminiscing about late night long distance! Too funny but oh so true. Can't say I remember a PINK coin pay phone but used many many black ones! Hugs

  7. That's so awesome that you have those memories of phone calls with your family in California. My own family memories are a convoluted series of rules about how many times we let the phone ring before we answered it - and the reasons for that are far too complicated to go into LOL! Thank goodness phone service is a lot less complicated now! Love how you took the colors and created this fun card!

  8. Oh this is fabulous! The metallic touches really give it the wow factor! And what a great story about long-distance calling.

  9. This card is wonderful, Linda...I'm just not sure what to comment on first! The color combo and layout are terrific. The balloons are fabulous in the metallic and pink. I love those embellishments, especially the tiny stars. And the nostalgic backstory hit very close to home and put a big smile on my face! Thanks for sharing this at the TTTC this week.


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