Friday, March 15, 2013

More Bunnies and Blog Candy Winner!

The Pals Spring Hop was a great success this week - I loved seeing all of the spring creations myself!  Taking a cue from my own bunny card I made some small square cards to tuck into family Easter baskets.  You are never too old for a basket that contains chocolate!  

Thanks to everyone who hopped by and said hello.  A lot of the Pals use to pick the number for their winner.  I confess - I don't.  I just yelled to my husband "Hey John - pick a number between 1 and 144!"  

So thanks to "random.John" Margaret Minnich is the winner!  

Margaret wrote: to tell ya, when I saw this card, it made me laugh out loud! I love the "tail" on the bunny. It's so darn cute!

So Margaret please send me an e-mail at with your address and I will mail your package of stamping stuff right out!


Maria A. said...

Congratulations Margaret, enjoy your goodies.
Linda, I simply adore this little bunnies and I was getting desperate because I just couldn't find them in any of the catalogs so finally I asked Mary where to get them and she immediately answered and now, they are on their merry way to my house. I think this bunny silhouettes are the sweetest I've seen anywhere.
This little Easter cards you made are beautiful, I hope my stamps get here soon so I can start making some cards for my grandchildren's teachers and friends. Thank you for this super cute ideas.

Diane - said...

Linda these notes are so cute. I'm so ticked... this set is on Back Order and I'm afraid by the time it gets here it will be late for Easter... dang. hugs.

Shannon Jaramillo said...

Love, love, love your bunnies! Too Cute!!

Cheryl said...

Congrats Margaret! Enjoy and have fun!

Dawn Tidd said...

I love these cuties and they'll be perfect with some chocolate!