Saturday, July 30, 2011

Convention Swaps - Part 2

Now that my computer is home and running I can show you another round of swaps from Convention!  Kind of scary how much I missed it while it was away even though my computer skills are not exactly stellar.  Our librarian at work has such patience with me when I call her downstairs to the front desk when I am in a jam.  But I do think she finds my skills amazing.  Just the other day I had to call her down to restart everything because I shut down the main computer system at the circulation desk. I flicked my hair back with my hand and knocked off my earring which flew directly to the main power source and killed the power.  Yep I have mad computer skills................Enjoy the swaps :)

I love Shelby Fawver's ragged ribbon look!

               Lydia Thompson's Scotties are two too cute!

Meg McAlister's swap is definitely sweet!

Notice Sue Bendinsky's fabulous fabric flower!

Rae Harper's rugged look is perfect with this set!

              Kathy Hilden rocked the new colors in this baby card!

And I will leave you with Jen Pitta's wonderful glittery Christmas card - won't be long !


littlebitoftoto said...

Linda, you crack me up!! How funny about your you were not laughing at the time! Beautiful cards, thanks for sharing.

Katy M. said...

Am telling you again.... I just love your stories! LOL

Lydia said...

Ah! I am glad you like the Scotties card I made. I made another couple cards using that stamp set for convention too. One of these days I will post photos of the swaps I made for convention.

Thanks for posting photos of your swaps. There were so many great cards floating around convention!

Nancy said...

Linda, love your library story with your earring, too funny. I can only imagine the shocked look on your face when that happened. And here you were just flicking your hair just like a movie star, whodda thought a flick of the hand...having worked in a library too I can just see the chaos that followed!

Diane - said...

Linda I don't which I enjoy more, your cards or your stories. BOTH are so enjoyable, but I have to say... your cards make me go WOW and your stories always make me laugh OUT LOUD!
These swap cards are great, and I particularly like the rugged one.

Carla said...

I'm right there with Diane, I couldn't of said it any better!!!! I can't wait to read your book, Linda's Yes It Happened to Me book!!!

LeAnne said...

LOL, Linda, you crack me up. It would be a hoot working with you! I am sure your computer skills are better than you let on to be! Your swaps are all so fun, too!