Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Call Me Alice........

Alice in Wonderland that is.  That's what it was like in Salt Lake City this past week! I felt like I had fallen into the rabbit hole and was surrounded by amazing creations and amazing people!

It was great hanging out with the Pals in person and cheering Mary on when she won so many awards!  The White Rabbit - aka Mike Funke - kept me and my terrific roommates, Dawn, Ginger and Ann on schedule so we didn't miss a thing! 

I also got to meet many on-line friends like the Mad Hatter herself Carrie Gaskin who wore a different hand crafted fascinator every day - and she looked fabulous in it! Artisan Award winners Sandra Farrell and Jenn Picard were gracious and charming as well as creative.  I spent time with LeAnne Pugliese and created with Cindy Beach - wonderful gals!  And I got a big ol' Texas hug from Lydia - she rocks!

The Pals got together for dinner and a swap and all I can say is wow!  Enjoy:

An embossed beauty from my fellow Diet Coke fan Martha Stewart!

Beautiful in blue from Nicole!

Absolute cuteness from my roomie Ginger!

Classic and charming from my Southern Belle roomie Dawn!

A fabulous floral from Katy!

A kwik and kool klassic from Kris!

Bright, bold and beautiful from Mary!

And there is more to come................


Diane - said...

It sounds like it was a great success and everyone must exhausted. Can't wait to see your new inspiration! Hugs.

Mary said...

It sounds as though you had a fantsatic time at the convention. I can't wait to hear about more. As to the cards thatyou posetd....I agree Wow!


Carrie Gaskin said...

Mad Hatter - perfect! It was awesome meeting you too!

Jenn Picard said...

Linda it was such a pleasure finally meeting you in person:) You are as sweet and gracious as you are talented!

LeAnne said...

Oooh, awesome swaps!

Colleen Dietrich said...

Thanks for giving us an eyeful of the cards you received from others. They are wonderful! And love that pic of the fanned flowers...I'll bet your whole trip was amazing.

Carla said...

Oh I love your swaps!!! How fun and fabulous! I envy you... would of love to have went. Hugs,