Tuesday, July 31, 2012

P is for Party...........

P is for Party - Pity Party that is!  I am a member of Mary Fish's downline group  - the Pals.  We have a great time staying connected on Facebook and our Convention Going Pals kept us informed with updates on FB last week.  Since so many of us were green with envy that we weren't at Convention, Margaret Moody suggested our own Pity Party.  We created a green card and posted it to our FB site where the convention goers could see what we were doing at home :)  It was silly but such fun to see the "green with envy" cards.  

I missed convention this year due to lots of baby stuff going on around here.  Some pictures from our baby brunch:


If you look carefully you will see that I labeled all of the food using the sweet little jar from Perfectly Preserved.  I am not a good cook and rely on my friends to supply me with simple - but fabulous - recipes so I wanted to give them credit!

And finally a shot of my baby girl as she awaits her baby girl - 5 more weeks!  She is with her cousin Sarah - can you tell that Sarah's mom and Erin's dad (my husband) are twins?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Simply Wonderful.....PPA139

I've taken a bit of a blogging break getting ready for a baby shower for my daughter this weekend.  I am finishing cards to send to friends and family who are helping me out with the brunch.  Margaret's sketch at PPA this week is terrific and I decided make a vintage thank you..........hmmmm.......funny how my vintage always looks clean and simple no matter how much stamping, spritizing and distressing I do.......or think I do!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cheers! PPA138

Cheers to my blogging friends who surprised me with a blog hop last weekend!  (If you missed it you can start it here on Mary Fish's site.) I am cutting back on some Design Team duties due to my soon to arrive granddaughter!  There's a shower to host, rooms to ready - and lots of shopping to do!  I will stay on the PPA team but will leave the Freshly Made Sketches team until the end of September.  

Along with some gorgeous "Grandma" cards my fellow stampers shared wonderful stories about their own grandmothers.  My grandmother was more Auntie Mame than Grandma. Born in Yorkshire, England in 1901 she arrived here in 1953 and never looked back.  She loved everything American - especially bowling and Bingo -  and managed to do both until she was almost 90! 

She had 8 grandchildren and we were all scared to death of her false teeth.  She'd breeze in laughing and say "Give us a kiss, luv"! We would do it as fast as we could because we were never quite sure if she would kiss us or rattle those teeth at us!  When she died in 1996 I went to the nursing home to gather up her personal effects. As I was leaving a nurse called me back and said "Here you will need to take these to the funeral parlor."  And I am sure you know what was in the plastic cup that nurse handed me.............I swear I could hear my grandmother laughing..........

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