Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Any Way You Say It.......FMS363

When I attached this sentiment I thought of a college friend who used to tease me about my upstate accent. And of course I thought she had a downstate accent!  It drove her crazy that I pronounce Mary-merry-marry exactly the same way.  I tried and tried to say it three different ways like she did but never managed it.  How do you say this sentence?

          Mary is merry because she will soon marry.

I say "Mair-y is mair-y because she will soon mair-y."

She says "Mair-y is meh-ry because she will soon mar-y".

And in her family "ahnts wear pa-jah-mas"......but my "ants wear pa-jam-as"!  

Jen Timko has a delightful sketch for us this week at Freshly Made Sketches!  Put your own accent on it!

Stamp Sets: Alpine Adventure, Merry Christmas to All
Paper: Cherry Cobbler, Whisper White, Festive Farmhouse DSP
Ink" Gray Granite, Cherry Cobbler, Mossy Meadow


LeAnne said...

Eeek, this is wonderful! I love this...I want to play with my Alpine set this week too! So cute with the wreath around the snowshoes!
When I was in college in New Jersey, near NYC, the verbal conflict was with two words - water and chocolate! I would say "wooder"...they would say "wah-ter". I would say "cha-colate" and they would say "chalk-olate"! We still laugh about it today!

stampwithamyk said...

No matter how you say it, that's a really cute card! Love the Alpine Adventure stamp set. Perfectly designed! Maybe you all should just go with "Happy Holidays" up there, then you know that you're saying it right. ;)

Unknown said...

This makes me laugh...I get teased for my Maine accent when I'm out of the state! Your card is beautiful!

Frenchie said...

Lol, that’s cute , I know what you mean , I say it the same way, to me it just spells definitely and it has different meanings, lol
Your good ,
I got that Mexican actcent, 😊😜♥️♥️

Hugs Frenchie,


I Card Everyone said...

Don't get me started, Linda. I have been teased about my accent to no end! I say these words just like YOU, and that means the RIGHT way, in my book! 56.8% [according to Quora] do too!
Now let me off my soapbox... to say your darling merry card is so very very Christmas MERRY!

Ginger said...

Darling card Linda. Guess I have an Upstate accent too because I say them the say way you do.....

Diane - said...

Linda you are too too funny! I never thought they WERE pronounced differently.... ??? HHmmm
Your card is fantastic. Love DSP here... and the holly wreath hung over the snowshoes is brilliant! Hugs.

Lynn Hoyt said...

Oh dear, I had no idea there was more then one way to say it. Just 3 different spellings for different meanings. But what do I know, I grew up in CA.
At any rate, what a cute card!

Jen Brum said...

Oh this card is just gorgeous! I love it and love those snowshoes!!! I may have to "borrow" this one!!! Love all that red!!! So festive! I don't think I say "Merry" any differently...I don't think I even realized there was a different way of saying them!!!

Amy O said...

When I read your description of how you say these words, in my head I feel like I say them the same way you do, but I can't imagine that my Texas twang really sounds like an upstate New York accent. :) Regardless of our pronunciation differences, our creative process seems to be similar as we both used the same stamp set and dsp collection. I love your card, Linda!

Karren said...

Looks like I'm the only "downstate" speaker here :) . I say all three words differently and I also talk about aunts and pyjamas the same way as your friend. But, oh what an adorable card! The wee wreath is too cute on the snowshoes.

Jen Mitchell said...

Ha ha, your downstate friend has it right! Mary, merry, and marry are not pronounced the same around here. I thought "ahnt" was unheard of outside of New England! And we do, in fact wear pa-jah-mas. In any event your "merry" card is fabulous. I love that plaid background. The subtle colors really make the red accents pop!

Joanne James - The Crafty Owl said...

I was popping over to say how much I loved this cute card Linda when I get your fun post too! Im more the second one but love how we all pronounce differently. The one that always catches me out is ‘envelopes’ (I pronounce it on-velopes- I think it’s a Welsh thing!) but the Brownies (aka Girl Scouts) I help out with some times think it’s hilarious!