Wednesday, May 27, 2020

An Interesting Week.......FMS437

It has been a very interesting week around here  My daughter organized a "Quarantine Library Retirement Party" for me and sweet treats and cards arrived all week.  I also received several delightful bookmarks in the mail as well.  So I made a few cards to send back to friends to say thanks!

Then one of my good friends had a baby boy - all 11 pounds 1 ounce of him!  Yeow!  All is well - he is beautiful - and yes she had a C-section.  But this crazy quarantine means there will be no playing with that baby for a while yet!

And we had our yearly visit from the Bat family.  Every year one seems to find its way inside.  Well lucky for us there have been two this year - or maybe it was the same guy who came back a day later!  Friday night as we were eating dinner it came zooming into the kitchen as bold as brass.  I bravely dropped to the floor and scooped up my 18 year old five pound deaf and half blind poodle.....who was totally focused on possible table treats.....and started to duck walk to the back door to make a quick exit.  The Big Guy headed to the cellar way to grab a tennis racket to engage that flying beast but as I opened the back door the bat flew right over my head and out across the lawn!

But very late Sunday night I awoke to a fluttering sound and soon realized a bat was circling the bedroom.  I calmly shrieked BAT and the Big Guy once more headed for the tennis racket.  As he shut the bedroom door behind him he said keep your eye on it and make sure it stays in the bedroom.  Seriously?  And that's when I realized I was alone in that room with a bat and a snoring five pound poodle.  There was only one thing to do - become a mummy and get totally under the covers and don't peek out for anything!  The Big Guy returned and handled the situation and was wise enough not to ask if I "kept my eye on it" while he was gone......I can't wait to see what next week brings!

Cecile has designed a fabulous sketch for you to be creative!  Join us at Freshly Made Sketches!

Paper:  Whisper White, Highland Heather
Ink: Distress Oxide, Shaded Spruce
Stamps: That Thing You Did (Ellen Hutson), Get Grounded (Ink Blot Shop)
Die Cuts: Trees in the Forest (MFT)


I Card Everyone said...

Look. I can see any scary movie ever produced, but when it comes to being scared all I have to do is HEAR the word BAT and I am outta there!
Darling card, Linda... those bats are probably living among those branches!!!! EEEK! see ya... xx

stampwithamyk said...

Such a cute card! Love the little die cut trees all in a row. :) As for the bats...glad that they're in your house and not mine. We have enough of the creepy crawly critters here, no need to add the flying variety too! ;)

Ginger said...

Oh my gosh Linda! I think this "bat" episode must have taken a year off of your life!! Not one but two - seriously. On a happier note your card is adorable.

Amy O said...

That story is the stuff of nightmares! Waking up and realizing there is a bat in the room reminds me of growing up in South Texas where there is such a terrifying thing as humongous roaches that FLY. I still have nightmares about waking up to hearing one of those things flying around in my bedroom in the dark. Your card is a nice, calm, and pretty distraction! I love those cute trees.

Jen Brum said...

This is such a fabulous card! I love that scalloped frame and those trees are fabulous! I actually love bats! My girlfriend works with endangered species and has taught me the importance of bats and why I should love them!!

Cindy Beach said...

Well, I was going to tell you how much I liked your card and what a brilliant take it is on that difficult sketch. But instead I think I'll shriek and make a run for the back door!
In the south my big guy is known to use a spatula and a box for. In bound lizards. EEEKS!

Nora Noll said...

A BAT???? Eek!! Sounds like you had a nice retirement "party" though I am sure an in person one would have been better. I love your pretty card with those fabulous die cut tree. I had such a hard time with this sketch but finally finished it!!!

Narelle Farrugia said...

Knew you'd be super creative with this sketch! You've used the best images to create this beauty!

Cécile RIBON said...

Wow, Jen ! You definitely achieved the classiest take on my whimsical sketch! This lineup of silver butterflies is so elegant.

Kim S said...

I am clearly going to have to quit complaining about the miller moths that we get in our house!